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SVLSRM Tasks and Projects report: 


In order to encourage members and volunteers to participate in the upkeep of our SVLSRM location in Hagan Park, the "Projects" page will list the current tasks and projects that need to be done, that are in progress, or are being planned. This page will be updated frequently so check back often.

TRACK STATUS: Click on Track for current track status. 




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• FCR #2016-1 Snow Sheds in Memorial Grove turn.

• FCR           -  Complete irrigation system during 2016

• FCR            - install remote switch and signals leaving Oasis 

• FCR #0042 - replace and repair Trestles.

• FCR #0041 - install air and water to east steaming bays -   completed  


• FCR #0034 Memorial - Landscape area around flag pole and build foundation for Memorial stone. 

• FCR #0033 new 1" siding lower yard

• FCR #0032 [10/08]  Aggregate roadbed removal & track replacement: Remove existing older track and ballast in public park area and replace with new base, ballast, steel rail, and plastic ties; 4-sections totalling 965ft.
• FCR #0031 [10/08] Irrigation main, north: Extend 3" irrigation main in northwest area eastward to Memorial Grove hill. [approved]   
• FCR #0030 [10/08] Unloading pads, raising: Add concrete pad to existing unloading pads to raise level 6".  [approved]
• FCR #0029 [10/08] Halloween/RV electric: Add increased electrical capacity to Halloween pad and RV area.  [approved]  
• FCR #0028 [8/08]  Station fence: Add chain link fence around Cordova Station to replace low-level existing fence; move double gates from east station to west station; remove fence between lower yard and station; use donated material.  [approved]
• FCR #0027 [8/08]  Midway yard: Add new 3-track yard at Midway; reuse existing rail and ties; no cost to SVLS. [completed]
• FCR #0026 [4/08]  North Electric: Add new breaker panel, receptacles, transformer at North Curve. [pending approval]
• FCR #0025 [12/06] Accept and install sea container donation. 
• FCR #0024 [5/06] Add (2) diecast RR crossing signs donated by Milon Thorely. 
• FCR #0023 [5/06] Add signals to previous planned system approved as FCR 13. 
• FCR #0022 [3/06]:Install new 4" irrigation water main from new CRPD pump and connect to existing SVLS irrigation system at Boxcar yard; add new 4" irrigation main to north end of addition and connect to existing SVLS irrigation system. [approved] 
• FCR #0021 [2/3/06]: Install steps to access south end of caboose. [approved] 
• FCR #0020 [2/3/06]: Relocate approach track to station and lower yard further west into park area. Add bypass track for non-public passenger trains to bypass lower yard and passenger station. Upgrade and add new track 1600 ft. [approved BOD; pending membership, pending CRPD] 
• FCR #0019 [1/6/06]: Add (3) exterior area lights: 1) between double gates to expansion area and container; 2) single gate to Sugar Pine loop by park pump; 3) side of caboose or box car if budget permits. [approved BOD; pending membership] 
• FCR #0018 [6/3/05]: Install semi-permanent cover for passenger station; will be installed over the two existing passenger tracks; proposed cover to be 18ft. wide by 44ft. long by 10ft. high. Funded by bequest from Dick Esselbach estate. [approved] 1/23/06: Submitted to CRPD for approval. 
• FCR #0017 [4/8/05]: Install tunnel in area of Memorial Grove; will be 65ft. long with approach walls; concrete tunnel elements will be constructed first then covered with fill dirt. [approved] 
• FCR #0016 [3/4/05]: Repair/upgrade restroom modesty wall; repaint restroom in SPRR station yellow and brown trim; repaint entire floor area with epoxy paint. [approved] 
• FCR #0015 [3/4/05]: Add lower yard bypass track through passenger station on third track; routing through trains through station will relieve congestion in lower yard. [approved] 
• FCR #0014 [3/4/05]: Install remote electric switch control to auto select the (3) switches going into the yard leading to steaming bays. [approved] 
• FCR #0013 [3/4/05]: Install (3) signals [Twin Bridges, Girder bridge before Midway, Midway siding status) and electric switch throw for Midway. [approved] 
• FCR #0012 [5/13/04]: Install (2) 9' counter tops/cabinets and tile flooring in caboose. [approved, in progress] 
• FCR #0011 [5/13/04]: Fix power to restrooms and add new dedicated circuit for RV receptacle. [approved, completed] 
• FCR #0010 [5/13/04]: Install service track to east side of box car. [approved] 
• FCR #0009 [4/18/04]: Install air conditioner in caboose window. [completed] 
• FCR #0008 [2/12/04]: Install two gravel bins that have bottom gates. [approved, in progress] 
• FCR #0007 [2/12/04]: Acquire a used road crossing gate with all working parts together. [approved, in progress] 
• FCR #0006 [2/16/04]: Add four additional transfer table bays #30-33. [approved, completed] 
• FCR #0005 [1/5/04]: Add a second lead track from the lower yard to the transfer table. [completed] 
• FCR #0004 [12/1/03]: Add conduits from the new power cabinet east of the boxcar to Jewell Performing Arts Halloween Terror Train event locations. [approved, completed] 
• FCR #0003 [12/1/03]: Add irrigation pipe from the concrete vault northeast of the boxcar yard south to the RV area. [approved, completed] 
• FCR #0002 [12/1/03]: Add conduit from the concrete vault northeast of the boxcar yard south to the RV area with a stub east to Cobble Creek. [approved, completed] 
• FCR #0001 [12/1/03]: Install two concrete grade crossings at Oasis south for main line and two sidings. The crossing location has been changed to north of Oasis at the south end of the approach trestle to Oasis. [cancelled] 
• FCR #0000 [12/1/03]: Purchase additional relief numbers to update our concrete stamp for years 2004 and beyond. [completed]


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